27 Mar 2016

#sundayrevival A perfect day Elise - PJ Harvey

A perfect day Elise - PJ Harvey
I am not usually a hater (ok, that's a lie), but today I am particularly bored and tired of seeing 'Happy easter' wishes everywhere... I'm getting old and grumpy, I know, but I can't change the way I feel...! Easter has always been a weird holiday for me: I was born on an easter Sunday, then I spent most of my last 5-6 easters away from home for one reason or another, and there were all pretty good ones (one in Central Park NYC, one in Toronto, one in London...). This year we had one couple of grandparents at home for lunch (which is eventful, as it's always us going there usually), a very placid meal and now I just wish to go back to sleep, not a particularly special day. Still, even not special days can be perfect in their own way... let's get it over with and try not to exaggerate with the chocolate!!

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