20 Mar 2016

#sundayrevival Digital ghost - Tori Amos

Digital ghost - Tori Amos
At the end of this slightly tiring but very rewarding day of exploring Algarve, I found myself with a song off Tori's 'Americal doll posse' on my mind, so I went on to listen to the whole album. And I got the right inspiration for today's post. I'm not a huge fan of ADP, but I think I like it better than most Tori fans do. Ok, I agree, it's trashy pop. Mostly. And I'm not a big fan of that too (even if the song I mentioned falls under that category). What I think is that there are quite a few songs that, were they to be taken out of (this album's) context, they wouldn't feel bad in any of Tori's good albums. This is one of them and it has always been a favourite of mine, so I am sharing it with you now hoping that it will become a favourite of yours too!

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