15 Mar 2016

The keepers - Santigold

Here for you is another super song that has been featured in one of my most recent playlists, probably the best one off Santigold's 2012 album among those that I didn't get to like immediately, let's call it the "best grower"! This album has been a real surprise and I can't wait to listen to her new work, that has come out a few days ago. I will not get to do that soon, I fear, as I already have tons of new music piled up in my discovery playlist, but I am really eager to get more of hers! In the meanwhile, let's enjoy this one, whose message is to not be afraid of appearance and of the judging of people who don't know us (in this case related to a "classic", "normal" American family), something I've talked about with a new friend just last night.

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