7 Mar 2016

#sundayrevival Only if for a night - Florence + the Machine

Only if for a night - Florence + the Machine
This week has come to an end so quickly! I didn't even realised it started yet, and here is a new one already! Quite a few things happened actually, but time is flowing by in a weird way lately..! Anyway, today I am sharing with you a very, very important song for me. 'Ceremonials' has been the album that converted me to the Florence + the Machine cause fully and completely, it's been one of the most significant albums of probably the most significant period of my life so far, when I blossomed, suffered and grew up, when I went to live abroad alone for the first time, when I learned (again) how to stand on my own two feet. 'Only if for a night' is the opening song of this album, one of F+tM favourites overall and one of those songs that... just gets carved into you. Whenever it starts, it feels like it's singing the story of a part of me, as if my body was giving voice to its own feelings.
Today has been a Florence + the Machine day, I have been practically listening just to their music and it's been a while since I didn't do that, probably since their concert in Milan last December. And it all started with this song. It was on my head, I don't know why, but as I told you it is just a part of me, so I'm not surprised that it just comes out like this, even without any perceptible trigger. I am sharing this piece of me with you, so please just treat it well (I know you will)!!

"And the only solution was to stand and fight"

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