27 Apr 2015

Dreaming out loud - OneRepublic

Dreaming out loud - OneRepublic
It's a pity that I have already posted Imagine Dragons' 'Dream', as I've been utterly in love with the song, it's really really beautiful, and I felt the need to post something dreams-related today. I've never been a big dreamer, meaning that most of the movies in my head took place while I was awake and, even if they did when I was asleep, I very rarely remembered them in the morning. Lately instead I've been recalling my dreams quite often, be it because being forced to wake up early I sleep worse in the morning and this helps me remember or whatever else is the reason, that's what's happening. And this morning it's been no different. The context and environment of the dream were, as usual, realistic but surreal, but the feelings were so strong and realistic... I was basically getting involved with a person (I know for real) who wanted to have a sentimental experience with me (highly, highly unlikely and I've actually never felt particularly attracted to him), but the dream was so vivid... the determination and the uncertainty, the imaginary and then realistic home, showers lasting forever and making it hard for us to be together at night, and finally meeting again in the morning, not sure if anything was gonna happen, then he says his heart is beating so strong, I put my hand on it to feel, then a kiss... and then the waking up. Waking up with a feeling so good I can't describe, a feeling I had never felt in my awake life, of completeness, of fulfillment, of happiness... well, it made my monday much less hard to bear.
Such a pity that we are all living in a dream (but is it so bad?)... well, if just for today, I'd rather be dreaming out loud!

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