26 Apr 2015

#sundayrevival Free to decide - The Cranberries

Free to decide - The Cranberries
I didn't have much inspiration for this sundayrevival, because I've been mainly listening to new stuff and new playlists in the last few days, but I went back and checked what I could do and, well... I realised that when you have a music blog and in one and a half years you have posted less than half a dozen songs by your favourite band, there are things that need to be done, such as posting one of your favourite songs by your favourite bands! This song had a great great meaning for me, back in my teenage years: I was 17 when I started discovering "real" music, it's been a year of passage for me: thanks to iTunes, torrents, streaming and so, the world of music turned wide open in front of me and the Cranberries have been my first discovery, especially thanks to their songs that I knew from when I was little, which opened the gates to the rest of their discography, this masterpiece being one of them. Seems like yesterday, it' been... wow, almost 10 years!

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