20 Apr 2015

Spotify + Out with a bang - Lizzy Grant (aka Lana del Rey)

Out with a bang - Lizzy Grant
Sooo, I guessed you kind of got to know that already, but in case you didn't... the blog is now on Spotify too!! I have created and will update a monthly playlist with all the songs posted on the blog each month, plus some other specials playlists, like (my) 90s best hits, (my) 00s best hits and more more more!! You can find all of this music paradise here or by just searching 'A song or two per day' in Spotify! I really really hope this can be a handy way for you to get a chance to listen to all the great songs featured here in one place, and, why not?, to explore and find new music you didn't know about before! Unfortunately the song I chose for today is not present on Spotify (what a timing, what a choice!), but it's here and that's what matters. Another great tune out of Lana's debut album under the pseudonym Lizzy Grant, and don't tell me I didn't go out with a bang tonite!!!

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