13 Apr 2015

Unclear (live) - Kodaline

Unclear - Kodaline
My life is pretty uncertain in these weeks, especially as my next few months are concerned, so when I heard this song on Kodaline's new album, it struck me immediately.

"So you swallow your heart and you swallow your pride
You gotta be tough if you wanna survive
They’ll chew up and they’ll eat you alive
You shouldn’t give up on the dreams in your mind"

I didn't have to swallow up much for now, luckily, but what really bothers me is that we are the generation of uncertainty, we are always kept on the edge and things get arranged at the very last minute (like "hey, yeah, you're getting a job, you start tomorrow!" and stuff like that), it really feels like we're having t fight (with each other) to get a few crumbs, and even when the dish on the table is rich and you're lucky enough to be invited to the feast, they don't give you a chair, plate and fork until the very last moment, or maybe even a while after the party's started. And that's frustrating when you're trying to give it a little bit of planning to your life! But you can't

"When the futures so unsure
When the futures so unclear
When the futures so unsure
When the futures so unclear"

Yet not all is bad, tables are turning and I think that we, at least the luckiest and more determined among us, are carving our own spaces and learning how to cope with uncertainty, last-minute decisions and being dynamic and ready-to-go, living with a baggage always ready to be picked up for your next adventure!

"We walk, we walk on
Our time, our time will come"

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