6 Apr 2015

When I was a young girl - Feist

When I was a young girl - Feist
I have been very much in love with Feist's 2004 album that I have recently started listening to, it's so amazing how quickly her songs pass from being indifferent to me to me completely falling for them, so if you don't know her I strongly suggest you give her a try!! Both her later albums, 'Metals' and 'The reminder' are amazing and the 2004 'Let it die', featuring this nice little creature, is no less!!
This song, besides being one of the first on the album to catch my attention, makes good sense today: I have been walking through Milan for a few hours in the afternoon waiting for my ride to Treviso and well... it's been only a few months since I lived there, but it seemed like forever and being back felt really really good, reminding me of uni days, when I was a young lad...!

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