8 Apr 2015

Hold on, we're going home - Lykke Li

Hold on, we're going home - Lykke Li
Lykke Li's had to stop her live performing activities in the last weeks due to physical problems (methinks), but, as many blogs and articles have underlines, she has not been resting at all! After releasing a few weeks ago a featuring with Emile Hayne, she released two new videos in two days! Yesterday the official video for 'Never gonna love again' came out, a nice and fitting dark video (taking bits of Florence + the Machine's video for 'What kind of man' in my opinion), while today her cover of Drake's 'Hold on, we're going home' premiered on Vogue. I reckon I never listened to the original (never listened to Drake at all actually, I don't even know what kind of music he plays), but I have been instantly captured by the beauty of this cover, so I had to post it right away!! Hope you can enjoy it!
A little about me: my future is more and more uncertain, but I kinda got used to that; good news is that I'm going back to Milan tomorrow for the graduation weekend (well, it actually started today and ends on friday, so not properly a weekend), I can't wait to see all my (graduating) friends again and celebrate with them! Cheers!!

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