1 Apr 2015

Stay - Anastacia

SPOILER: This is not an April's fool! Or maybe it is! Haha! Up to you!!

Stay - Anastacia
You might remember that yesterday I mentioned a song I woke up with in my head, and that's the one. You might also remember that I've been looking for it in my last year's playlist and found other stuff. Well, that makes quite a lot of sense because I never put this song in any playlist! A-ha! That's a self-April's fool that I made myself, methinks! Anyway, I really have absolutely no idea why this song came back to me now, I also have no idea why I was dreaming about me and my younger cousin I haven't been seeing for years while I was kinda teaching her how to drive in my (other side of the family) grandparents' garage. Weird things happen. One is that I'm writing this post in advance and it's not even April yet! The other one is that a good and very fitting song for this post came to my mind while I was writing, but I think I'm gonna keep for next year! This song was a great moment in both Anastacia concerts I went to in the last few months anyway! Great memories! Well, what can I tell you now?
"I need somebody to tell me I'm too hard to break. So I'm gonna stay. I'm not ready to go just yet." (Or am I?)

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