22 Apr 2015

Everything works out in the end - Kodaline

Everything works out in the end - Kodaline
It's been a while since I last posted Kodaline, isn't it? Well, their new album is probably not going to win race for the best album of 2015, but personally I can't label it anywhere near to unenjoyable. The songs are quite nice and, even if maybe not as catchy and enjoyable as the ones in their first album, the overall result is a great listen for practically every occasion. I still haven't found any particular song standing up from the crowd, but this 'Everything works out in the end' is a particularly enjoyable one, and it is particularly meaningful at this time of my life, it's the mood booster I really need, so I hope you can enjoy it too!!
Given that today out first transfer has been confirmed, it seems like things are actually starting to work out! Yet again, more news about my plans soon (don't wanna jinx it even more than it already is by itself)!

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