12 Apr 2015

#sundayrevival Discoverer - R.E.M.

Discoverer - R.E.M.
This week's sundayrevival is not a very old song, but given that R.E.M. have disbanded a few years ago already (feels like yesterday!), it still makes sense. I have felt a sudden bond to this song in the last few days I spent in Milan. I ended up listening to it because it was right after yesterday's song (Coldplay's Paradise) on the soundtrack of the photo slideshow I created with all my pictures from my exchange semester in Montréal and well... this weekend back in Milan felt a bit like a new exchange, a new table-turning time of my life; even if it's been just a few days seeing people and places from the past (although Milan has been completely transforming itself since I left it and, well... I met new, nice people too!), it felt so refreshing and fostering personal growth, unlike the time I'm spending here working in Veneto, which is leaving me somehow stuck under a personal growth point of view. The ironic thing is that I realized more and more that I am not a good discoverer at all, I actually feel impaired by the fear of taking steps towards the uncertain, of letting in the possibility of letting people in, of running a risk and this makes me sad, because I wish I were better able to try and take advantage of the chances that present themselves in front of my nose. Well, I hope tables will be turning soon, taking me to new, beautiful places, meeting great people, bonding even better with the people that already is in my life and especially learning how to live more fully and letting it go, giving me chances to go on discovering!

"I didn’t have to be afraid

I didn’t have to feel so stupid

I can see myself"

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