19 Apr 2015

#sundayrevival Waiting underground - Patti Smith

Waiting underground - Patti Smith
I've had this song in store for you since yesterday, so this post would exist even if I stayed in bed all day today, but what a nice day today has been instead! I woke up and decided to abort my trip to the Sacrario del Monte Grappa, which was my main trip plan for the past week and has instead been postponed (you can enjoy this beautiful picture of it anyway!) because I wanted to take it easy today and not spend 3 hours in the car to go back and forth, especially given that I had other things to do! So I went to the mall/supermarket and bought a few (nice) things to eat, then got back and for the nth have been struggling with my old mac charger, which (I decided) has finally failed me. So here we go, on the road again to give a win to my parents and go buy an original replacement, and in the meanwhile I also bouth a CD (U2's Joshua Tree, which I've been looking for at a decent price for a long time) and a t-shirt I really like! And this second trip, in the car, singing loud and being kissed by the sun, really boosted my mood, plus my purchases added on that and well... even if my driver didn't even start in today's F1 Gran Prix, I'm happy anyway!!

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