10 Jun 2014

Interlude 1 (Ripe & ruin) - Alt-J

Interlude 1 (Ripe & ruin) - Alt-J
Hello guys! Here we are, back from my sea trip! Actually I've been back for a while now, today I spent the whole day at grandma's in the countryside, sunbathing and initiating my swimming pool new season! I think it's the first time in like 15 something years that I had my first bath of the season in the sea and not in the pool and also that my first one in the pool has been with such warm water and such a perfectly hot day! Weather changed so fast this year, the heat wave has been quick and abrupt! But I'm not complaining, I'm not particularly bothered by my weird tan theme nor by the hot and humid air (for now). I'm just a bit puzzled by my blog-post dates, as I've posted through the mobile app in the last couple of days but it looks like the posts are older than that... well, whatever! From now on I'll be going on with live posting, at least until my next absence!
Finally about music: today (and in the last week actually) I've been listening a lot (again) to Alt-J's debut album and, after an unequalled bellyful of Italian music (my friend who was driving is a fan of it), I'm back to my older habits! Enjoy and have a wonderful night!

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