25 Jun 2014

Keep the car running - Arcade Fire

Keep the car running - Arcade Fire
I'm back home after a very intense last few hours! Lots of kilometers (or miles, if you'd rather) stacked up with my pretty little one (my beloved car), good company and an amazing destination. In the end all of my fears were (almost completely) unfounded: the weather has been quite good for the whole duration of the concert, actually the dark sky heavy with clouds and sliced through by lightning has been an amazing and scenographic frame for the concert! The irony lays in the fact that we got flooded by raindrops as big as apples in the 3 minutes when we were running back to the car after we left the venue...! In the end we got super wet anyway, but it happened at the best time possible.
About the concert, well, it's been a great experience and it was worth the trip to (near) Verona: beautiful venue (though with a not-as-good sound), beautiful setlist (with a couple of not-so-strong songs maybe) and a band in good shape (even though I felt less adrenaline rushes than I expected to). All in all a good to great concert, I'm happy I've been there and that's what matters! The highlight for me has been a super performance by We exist, their latest single, mainly thanks to a very powerful introduction by Win (something like "This song is about a gay guy not being accepted by his father, I'm sure you all have been in this situation in one way or another, but don't worry, you are perfect the way you are now!") and... well, I could've asked a little bit more from Neon Bible but we got a few and another one of the songs I enjoyed the most is the one I chose for this post, so keep your car running!

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