10 Jun 2014

Pompeii - Bastille

Pompeii - Bastille

And so here we are again, a new week is starting, even if I have been writing this last week! If everything's going fine I should be on my way back from the trip at the sea I've been doing this past few days with some friends and hopefully everything's been going great! Tomorrow I'm gonna start posting live again, I promise, but for today I have (had) to write in advance still. I am actually writing this post together with the Get lucky one, as these two songs has been going together for me since last year: I fell in love with both of them more or less at the same time, they were in the same playlist and they have been the two hits of last summer for me and for the whole world in general I think! And given that summer has come again and I am celebrating it at the sea (it's gonna be ironic if in the next few days, that means when this is published, it's gonna be rainy and windy and chilly!), it makes sense to revive back some of past year's successes!

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