1 Jun 2014

#sundayrevival One - Alanis Morissette

One - Alanis Morissette
Welcome to June! It's time for another #sundayrevival post (also as last sunday I skipped it). My headache has been dragging its way to the one-week anniversary, with ups and downs. My wisdom tooth also started aching (again), I wonder if the two phenomena are linked... Anyway, I'm here to celebrate something happier than my illnesses! Today is Alanis's 40th birthday, so happy birthday Alanis! To celebrate this new goal reached and the new website she released a couple of days ago about vegan way of life and mommy advice and stuff like that (say goodbye to her career as a musician: bye byee!), I'm picking one of her older tunes that I really do love. Worst case scenario about the future, we still have some great stuff from the past to lean on! Happy birthday!

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