2 Jun 2014

I never learn (live on KEXP) - Lykke Li

I never learn (live on KEXP) - Lykke Li
Yesterday I was finally able to create a new playlist (I wanted to wait for the new month to come) and, even if the songs are coming mostly from the same singers and albums as last month's, it's still something new! One of the news in here is a couple of acoustic songs by Lykke Li she performed on KEXP: one of them is No rest for the wicked, which I already posted and love very much. The other one is this one, a song I'm quickly falling in love with too. It is the title track of her new album that came out a few days ago and it's a heart-rending ode to never learning from the past and always making the same mistakes. Which makes us human, in a way.
Moreover in the last nights I've been watching Nymphomaniac, the movie by Lars von Trier and the mal de vivre atmosphere created in the movie fits very well Lykke Li's music, so what better than that? A happy depressing new week to you all!

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