3 Jun 2014

Little Amsterdam (live) - Tori Amos

Here we are! The day has finally come, I couldn't wait any longer! In a few hours I'm gonna be enjoying a (hopefully) great gig with my dear Tori and I must say I'm very excited about it (if ever you haven't noticed yet)!! She's been singing some of my favourites in the past dates and the new album is quite interesting too, so let's hope for a charming setlist!! Whoever has seen her live at least once or twice will know that her setlist is always very much different from one night to the next and this tour hasn't been different as of now, so fingers crossed! I am really at a loss now, wouldn't know exactly what to post... or maybe I do. Hoping that this will be a kind of lucky charm, I'm gonna post a song out of my favourite concert ever (too bad I was too young to experience it for real, but the videos are so powerful themselves!), that is the redhead's performance in New York for RAINN in early 1997. My suggestion for you is to go watch the whole thing), it's worth it! Happy concert (to me tonight and to you for whenever you're gonna go to your next one)!

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