19 Jun 2014

Maria - Patti Smith

Maria - Patti Smith
I am writing something in advance for the blog given my forthcoming leaving for a short trip. What has inspired me for this post is likely the same source of inspiration of my last Patti Smith post, about a week ago. I just realized that on my iPod I was still currently playing Banga, her latest album. My love for this CD has never diminished, rather it keeps increasing and I feel compelled to post another song, probably the one with the strongest power in terms of feeling on the whole album, anyway the one that gives me the strongest chills.
Another reason why I've been thinking about this song is that I have lately updated my playlist 'Women characters', a playlist of songs where female characters play a central role. The not-so-very-English name is a kind of self-quote, as this playlist follow a precedent one called 'Women' that featured my (at-the-time) favourite female singers. I remember burning that one on a CD as a present for my mother a long time ago...!
Well, I leave you with Maria and Patti, make sure you enjoy this pearl!

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