10 Jun 2014

Sights - London Grammar

Sights - London Grammar

Hello guys, if everything is going alright I should be at the sea at the time this is getting posted! Now I'm writing it at the beginning of the week for the coming weekend, when I'm planning to go to the sea for a couple of days with a couple of friends! I've been just checking the weather forecast right now and there should be something like 34-37°C with full sun! Can't wait! I really hope it's gonna be like this!
Back to music: I'm writing this on the eve of the Tori Amos concert, which I'm hoping it's gonna be great! Yet I'm posting this other song, as I've been waking up with it on my mind and, let's face it, it's a great one! This is one of my favourite out of London Grammar's debut album If you wait. I have just been watching the video for the first time and I liked it a lot too, it conveys a powerful message for what I can read in it: the scene moving from London Grammar playing a gig to Hannah (the singer) portraying an ordinary girl singing in the audience in my opinion means that we should all try to follow our dreams and face and fight our fears, we can all be living our dreams as
"What you’re feeling, It’s what I’m feeling too. What you’re made of, It’s what I’m made of too."
I know you're gonna love it too if you give it a chance, so enjoy (and happy sea trips to you all)!

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