29 Jun 2014

Never gonna love again (live on KEXP) - Lykke Li

Never gonna love again (live on KEXP) -
Lykke Li
Hello people, another shitty day here in Milan, damn rain! Yesterday has been a crazily intense day, filled with two big events in Milan: the gay pride and the One Direction concert! I have been hanging out with some friends at the beginning of the parade and, well, while I was going back to the center to meet my friend coming from England I was surrounded by teenagers with their headbands and posters and stuff... it didn't feel that good! Jokes apart, I have been going back and forth from one group of friends to the next, but I managed well I think, had a nice aperitivo, a not-so-peaceful quick nap and then went out clubbing until, well... the sky was turning light blue again! Now I'm ready to start another day in the city as a tourist, let's hope it's not gonna pour down water like on Noah's ark! The song I chose for today, another great one out of Lykke's latest album, fits well the weather of today methinks! I chose once again a KEXP live over the album version as I like it better.

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