17 Jun 2014

Light you up - Pilot Speed

Light you up - Pilot Speed
Here we are, almost ready to go! It's gonna be a hard "night", as most likely I won't even go to sleep (I have to leave home at 3 AM to drive to the airport), so hopefully I'll be able to take a nap later. I still have to get my bag ready, so no time to relax for me now! And I also have to take care of the blog, I will probably post something for tomorrow before leaving so you'll hear from me again later before I start my trip!
This post will be swift and I'm sorry, because I'd like to devote a rightful amount of attention to this band I grew a liking for and to this song in particular which is one of my current favourites (together with yesterday's tune by Ellie Goulding). They are Pilot Speed, a Canadian alt-rock band I always mistakingly consider of German origin. This song is one of the singles out of their last album, 2009's Wooden Bones. The band sadly disbanded (sorry for the pun) in 2010.

Unfortunately there is no decent recording on the song on YouTube, neither live nor the album version, so I will leave here a link to the album version on Grooveshark: Light you up

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