20 Jun 2014

Shades of cool - Lana del Rey

Shades of cool - Lana del Rey
The song for this post has been practically chosen by Lana for me: I have started listening to her new album, Ultraviolence, and after a couple of listens I must say it gave me a (slightly) better impression than the opening single West Coast. I can't say I'm fully satisfied and totally impressed with it, but given that I kind of hated her music the first few times I got to listen to it, I am positively optimistic for my future appraisal of the album!
I said that she chose the song for me because I was undecided about which song to post (2 listens have just given me the chance to spot a few possible first-line favourites but nothing more) and I must confess this was not running for the spot. Yet Lana posted a video for it just today (actually the today I am writing this post in, that means 3 days ago) and, well... that's it! It is possible that I have grown a stronger liking for this song (and album) in the time between the writing and the posting of this, so stay tuned for more!

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