7 Jun 2014

Seneca - Patti Smith

Run, run, my little one. Run out to see.
Run, run, my little one. What do you seek?

Seneca - Patti Smith
My sea trip is approaching and this (early) morning I woke up with this song in mind. I was convinced that the lyrics said "Run out to sea", which made perfect sense for me. I see now that my lyrics are the ones I quoted here above, but other versions online have the reference to "sea" and not to "see" (which has never made much sense to me anyway). I'll just keep both possibilities open, the poetry of the song isn't diminished with any of the two, rather, the "mystery" increases its beauty and power. This is one of the most beautiful songs contained in Patti Smith's latest album, the 2012 Banga. I hope you will like it!

If you were his eyes, If you were his dreams
The whole of the sky could not contain you...

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