14 Jun 2014

Yayo - Lana del Ray

Yayo - Lana del Ray
I just realised I forgot to post yesterday, I feel ashamed about that! I'm sorry to notice that this will unfortunately happen often in summer, as I'm less concerned with spending time in front of the pc and my days are filled with lots of interesting stuff to do (sunbathing, sunbathing, bathing, the occasional ice-cream out or ice-cream in, more sunbathing, more bathing, swimming, even more sunbathing...). You see, I have plenty of things to do! But this is not a good excuse for neglecting my dear blog and I apologise with it and with you about that. I'll try to post something now in compensation for yesterday and hopefully something more later!
The song I'm posting now is one that it took a long while to fall for: Yayo is included in Born to die: the Paradise edition, Lana's re-release of her debut album under her current stage name Lana del Rey and the album that brought her to international success. The song was already included in her previous album, Kill Kill. I only started liking it after listening to the Kill Kill original version, and this is the one I'm posting here now.

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