25 Apr 2014

61 - The Kissaway Trail

61 - The Kissaway Trail
My day started weirdly under a musical point of view: I got to listen to a couple of songs from the office playlist that I had in my library and that were kind of lost in it. The first one was a country songs I found in a random Spotify playlist and I added (with many others) to my personal country playlist. The second one was actually one of Fifa 09 soundtrack songs, actually one (of the few) I still didn't have in my library! Listening to that unexpectedly made me want to listen to the whole playlist and this is the result, one of its sisters is on here today!
Problem is that I got a little bored even by listening to the Fifa 09 soundtrack playlist, which I usually enjoy a lot... Guess today is really not a good day for me!

We can, we're strong, we'll beat it

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