17 Apr 2014

Desert song - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Desert song - Edward Sharpe &
the Magnetic Zeros
Another day, another (great) song. Today I've been listening to stuff quite randomly and after getting Home from the office playlist, I moved my attention to the Magnetic Zeros for a couple of (my favourite) songs (by them). And I realised I still didn't post one of them. Time has come for the desert song! I am realizing now I reached and passed another milestone (200 posts), I'm so glad that I've been able to find the strength of will to keep posting, and this is also (mainly, actually) thanks to you! So thank you for being such an awesome audience, can't wait to share a lot more great tunes with you! One step at a time. And today's step is a very good one. Don't miss out!

PS: More updates on my easter weekend to come!

Run to the desert, you will see all that you need to see
Run to the desert, you will be all that you need to be

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