26 Apr 2014

Lover to lover - Florence + the Machine

Lover to lover -
Florence + the Machine
While making sure that I didn't post this song already, I noticed that I have been posting at least one Florence song every month since November (practically since the beginning of the blog), that making her probably the most constant presence here! Well, I must say I'm not surprised of that, given my utmost and endless love for her! Tonight, coming back home under the pouring rain (yes England, I know you're giving me your best just before I go away), I was listening to an old playlist and suddenly this song turned up. Well, it just did make perfect sense to do the only thing that can make you enjoy pouring rain at night: dance-walking and lip-syncing the songs, like if you were shooting a video (PS: more on that soon!). That is a thing I really really love doing, especially at night, when it's dark and (a bit) less embarrassing. Just a bit. But who cares? Enjoy music, enjoy your life, enjoy Florence (and enjoy your lovers, if you're lucky enough to have them)!

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