18 Apr 2014

Everybody wants to rule the world - Lorde

Everybody wants to rule the world -
Hello people, hope your easter weekend has started in the best way possible! I'm on my way to London (goodness bless wifi on buses) enjoying my trip and waiting to meet my parents after 3 months. It is finally the chance for me to review my relationship with London, a city that I've never particularly liked (even though I only spent an afternoon there) and that everybody (well, almost) has been telling me great things about. So here I am, with an open mind and trained legs ready to roam around for a few days! I hope I will be able to post daily, hopefully at night, as I didn't prepare anything for you in advance. Carpe diem, as they say!
For now, I'll just leave you with the song that just started playing on my iPod. I've actually been into the various versions of this song I know for the last couple of weeks: the original has been playing in the office, Patti Smith's is the first one I've listened to (and liked), this is the one I'm listening to the most lately, so here it is: go and find your way to rule the world!

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