8 Apr 2014

Nepal - San Cisco

Hello readers, hope you are well! I feel a little bit like cheating, as I should have posted this song
Nepal - San Cisco
yesterday (actually I am writing 'yesterday'), but I wanted to give it the space, attention and commentary it deserves, being one of my last year's favourites. About San Cisco, I hope you know them (if you don't, run to listen their album on Spotify NOW!), as I have been trying to push them since the beginning of this blog. I have been gladly noticing they got a little bit of fame here in Europe and I really can't say how happy I am about that and how much I hope they'll increase their audience in the future. I think that their music is very meaningful and catchy in its simplicity, and this song is a perfect summary of that. I really DO love the lyrics, the music is good and the combination of all elements works perfectly. I don't know what else to say to convince you, if I still didn't already, so just go and try them out, you'll not repent it!

If you're gonna break his heart
could you break it gently, please?
'Cause he's all you got
You're all he needs

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