14 Apr 2014

Oceania - Bjork

Gosh, this day has been so weirdly intense that I forgot to post at all (until now)! Just in time! Ok, so it's been my first day off since I started working here in England and I must say it's been a pretty wise choice, a monday just after a weekend trip and just before my birthday, awesome choice! I still can't believe I'm getting older tomorrow...! Anyway, back to music. In the lat couple of days I have been listening a lot to songs that I have already posted here, so that puts me a little bit in a hard spot for picking a song, and it is the first time this happens even if I am well-inspired. Too bad I get into songs more than once. Of course I'm joking.
Oceania - Bjork
Well, I think that another big milestone has been past today with me barely noticing it. I have (kinda) finished listening to Bjork's discography (excluding her latest album, that anyway was released after I started). She has been the one who made me change my way of approaching new music (you might remember something about it in an R.E.M.-related post) and not in a positive way, as at one point I got stuck with her and for a long time I haven't been able to proceed. I have never processed her album Vespertine, which made me stop listening to her whatsoever. I have recently approached Volta and my impression was a little bit more positive, even though I'm not fully convinced I really like it either. Considering the fact the I had bought the album between these two (Medulla) even before starting with her and that I have listened to it sporadically (with more pleasure than the other two anyway), I feel safer picking from it, as a kind of beginning and end of a chain. This is one of the songs I can safely say I like on Medulla, it's still very experimental but, to me at least, enjoyable!

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