2 Apr 2014

Animal instinct - The Cranberries

The week of hard choices keeps going on, and it gets harder and harder! I think the only solution for me is to pick some of my old favourites. Given that we have been asked to make a playlist for the music in the office (oh, yes!) I hope the task won't be too hard!
Animal instinct - The Cranberries
Well, here we are! I think this song also makes sense for the current time, so everything is in the right place once again! Last sunday we have been having a very nice picnic in the Exeter University campus and, provided with three guitarists and two guitars, we got the chance to experiment a little bit. Probably the best outcome of our playing was a cover of this song, which is incidentally one of my favourites ever! Of course this has gone straight in the office playlist and I can't wait to listen to it. It is (I'd say of course) one of the songs from my childhood and I've been in love with it for a very very long time! Hope you enjoy it, just let your animal instinct out!

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