27 Apr 2014

#sundayrevival Rebellion (lies) - Arcade Fire

Rebellion (lies) - Arcade Fire
Hello guys! Yesterday has been a pretty intense day, so good enough that I posted just after midnight rang before going to bed! I took a very nice trip south of Exeter with some friends and, even though the weather was not so good, I really enjoyed it! But it didn't end up there... after a swift dinner we went to have a goodbye-weekend party at some friends' house and then out to dance in an alternative rock club, our favourite in Exeter (I'm not a fan of discos but this one is enjoyable from time to time). I had a good time once again, just a little bit sad because it's gonna be the last one. It's not time for goodbyes still, but I'm starting to realise that my time here is coming to an end... And it has been very funny to kind of close a circle: this song is the first one I've listened to as soon as I arrived in Montréal two years ago and the last one that played last night in the club, kind of the goodbye to Exeter and to my university times abroad. I'm a bit scared, but mostly curious to see how my life's gonna develop in the next few months! But for now, let's just enjoy the present!

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