22 Apr 2014

Music is the victim - Scissor Sisters

Music is the victim - Scissor Sisters
Hey ya! Finally here I am, ready to write a serious and decent post after a couple of convulse days! But first a few words about my London easter weekend: I must say the outcome has been mixed. Everything started well, it looked like my relationship with London was getting better, the premises were there and then... things stopped improving. It felt like I reached the limit of my liking, all the things I've seen and done were nice and ok but, to put it like this, the sparkle didn't light up. Well, at least now I feel safe in giving a more thorough evaluation of London after spending a few days there. Of course living there would be a totally different experience, but let's say it would also be a (very, very) expensive one! So here I am, back to Exeter in a limbo-like situation. Today was the last day me and the guys going away with me in about a week spent with our boss, as she's taking a trip abroad and this looks like the beginning of the end. Things are weird, I have been waiting for the time to head back home for a while and now I have a really hard time cutting (or at least loosening) the ties with the people that I've shared this time of my life with, and a little bit with Exeter too, for as strongly as I have tried to oppose my feeling at home here, I have probably dug some roots in this ground. And this is a good thing I guess, as it means I enjoyed my time here, so I am a bit sad that now my internship is coming to an end. Yet I don't have much time to feel nostalgic: I wanna enjoy my last moments here until the very end and spring is finally finding its way here too, with a warm sun and beautiful blossoming trees. From here my need to listen to cheerful music (i.e. Scissor Sisters), and this song in particular as the mentioning of San Francisco reminds me (a lot) of the nostalgic feeling that fills me up when I'm about to leave a place I love.

I left my heart in San Francisco...

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