13 Apr 2014

Tides - The XX

Tides. (St. Ives, Uk)
Hello everybody! Here I am again, after a very tiring (ok, come on, not THAT much) but very very enjoyable (yes, THAT much) trip! Cornwall has been quite different from what I expected it to be, or at least the tiny part of it I've visited has. I enjoyed the whole of the trip: the company, the towns that have disappointed my expectations (Penzance) and those that have overcome them (St. Ives), unforgettable places (Land's end) that stimulated my thinking about the big questions of the world and places that I still have not been to (but I hope I will, i.e. Falmouth). Yes, I enjoyed also the seagull that landed on my head and stole half of my cornish pasty. That's part of the experience too!
Anyway, the highlight of our short journey has been for sure St. Ives with its beautiful beaches and its astounding tides. Tides that have (of course) suggested to me the music to listen to on the train and (of course) to post on the blog now! I enjoyed tides a lot (both the water movements and the music), hope you will too! Have an awesome beginning of the new week!

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