19 Apr 2014

Running battle - Kasabian

Chelsea, London (UK)
Today I've been wandering through London and I must say I'm slowly (even not too much so) fixing my relationship with it! I met my parents (and friends) again after a while, which was nice, and I really got the chance to get a hold of the main London spots, so that I have the time to explore thoroughly a bit more areas in the time I've got left! Tomorrow we'll be heading to the Leeds castle out of town and in the evening I'll hopefully be able to arrange dinner with some friends from work, so I guess I won't have much free time on the computer! Moreover I've been singing/mumbling this song for a great part of the afternoon/evening walk, so what better fit?
(Hoping that the lyrics of the song won't be happening to me anytime soon!)

All lyin across the ground
Try not to make no sound
When two men goin break ya down, I said
Two men goin break ya down, I breathe

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