15 Apr 2014

Q magazine interview (May 1994) - Tori Amos + PJ Harvey + Bjork

I promised myself I wouldn't post this (again) until I finished listening to all of their discographies. Now a few years have past and, taking out Bjork's latest album (that came out after my decision anyway), I got through the whole experience.

I take the occasion and exploit this chance to make myself a birthday gift and I'll share this with you now! Also, almost 20 years have past since the article was written, but it is still so up-to-date and so relevant to their music and to the music industry panorama that it really makes you realize just how great and true their work has been and still is.

These ladies have been one (well, actually three) of the most awesome music discoveries and their songs will stay with me for my whole life. I hope you enjoy my favourite music-related interview ever.

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