24 Apr 2014

Spark - Amy MacDonald

Spark - Amy MacDonald
Hello guys! Hope you are all well, I am a bit dizzy but overall ok. Last night I went to sleep earlier than usual to rest better and this morning I felt even worse, with swollen eyes and a confused mind. What got me through this hard morning has mainly been good music, I've been gladly getting lots of songs from my personal contribution to the office playlist and this really helped cheer myself up! One of the songs we got this morning (and also quite often lately) is this one, so I felt like posting it wouldn't hurt at all! Moreover I was listening to Amy two years ago too, when I was about to leave Canada and get back home from my exchange, so things kind of come back!

After the sun always comes the rain
Followed by hurt and pain
After the light comes the dark
After the love comes the breaking of my heart

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