28 Apr 2014

Happy - Pharrell Williams + blurs

Happy - Pharrell + blurs
Hello my dear crowd, I hope that your week started well! Mine (kind of) did, especially thanks to what I am posting now, which has been a very good tool to fight the sleepiness caused by the coming of spring! I have loads of songs that have been champing at the bit to be posted here, but they will have to wait for a while longer, as this post is due! Together with my (awesome) teammates and colleagues at my company we have been working on this project in the past few weeks and finally it is ready to share with the world! We have done our best lip syncing to Pharrell's hit Happy, doing our best to look happy be happy and, most importantly, make other people as much happy as we were while shooting! Whether we succeeded... well, it's for you to tell! Let us know what you think! Hope you enjoy!

You can watch the official video here.

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