10 Apr 2014

Dirty day (junk day mix) - U2

Dirty day 
Hey everybody! My inspired week is going on (thanks goodness) and here we are today too! I've been listening to U2 kind of in parallel with R.E.M. but I am still a couple of albums away from the end of their discography. Nowadays I am focused on their b-sides and remixes of their 1990-2000 best and I must say I am quite enjoying it, especially the remixes. One of the songs I am liking the most is this remix of Dirty day, which has always been one of my liked but not super favourite tracks of theirs. The same actually applies to the album the original Dirty day is on (Zooropa), which I have always liked but never completely fallen in love with. I hope that these remixes are giving me the chance to develop my relationship with it once again, and then who knows? It might grow in me after all this time...!
Anyway not feeling very well today, a mix of flu, spring, general sickness, light headache... it really feels like a dirty day for me!

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