6 May 2014

Do you love me? - Lunik

Do you love me? - Lunik
You're my darling and I love you so
Those feelings ain't changing
But your longing for me has become so unreliable

I think we all have some albums that we associate to a particular time of year. Well, when spring starts to be on its way to summer and the days get pleasantly warm, I have a favourite album to listen to. Given that this (awesome) time of year has come for me again now that I'm back in Italy, the urge to listen to my springy album is irresistible! The album I'm talking about is Lonely Letters by the swiss band Lunik, a CD that I utterly love and that always reminds me of my favourite time of year (this one, indeed). Do you love me? has been the first song I got to know by Lunik, I remember it was playing on the radio in the time just before my high school graduation and I've been listening to it ever since! The lyrics feel particularly accurate today as I found myself lingering in some thoughts about past times... I know you will love it too!!

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