23 May 2014

Neglected space - Imogen Heap

Neglected space - Imogen Heap
Ok, ok. I know this is not a fitting song for a thoughtless, carefree and cheerful friday night, rather... Neither is it a good song for the wonderful sunny day that today turned out to be here in the end. Yet it is one that made a lot of sense last night (it was already today actually) and I decided it would be my post. You already got an anticipation (on social network pages) with a quote pic, where I wrote my favourite lyrics of this song. What more to say?
This song is part of Imogen's project for her 4th album, in which she has been writing during the past 3 years (I believe) one song every three months, getting different kinds of inputs and inspiration from fans. The album is gonna be named Sparks (methinks) and should be distributed shortly (in a few weeks/months). This song was released in 2011, it was one of the first songs to be composed and, I must say, it's my favourite for the time being. The lyrics are just great and, supposing that not everybody will have a cheerful, carefree friday night (goodness knows how many thoughtful, depressing ones I've had), I think that some of you will be able to enjoy it anyway! Otherwise it might work as a hangover song tomorrow morning!

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