5 May 2014

#sundayrevival Vogue - Madonna

Vogue - Madonna
Today I'm late for my post agaaain! But I'm here before midnight, it's already an improvement! I had something in mind but it wouldn't be a good fit for a sundayrevival post, so I had to find something else suitable enough! And, given that I started listening to my summer (actually "Eté") playlist that I've been building up over the years, it makes perfect sense to pick from there!
I should be in Milan in this exact moment, but, after a very pleasant day in the countryside at my grandma's enjoying the sun, I surrendered to the huge traffic and decided I would wait a few more hours to get there! So here I am, (kind of) burned face, first (disappointing) Italian ice-cream of the season in my belly, talked pleasantly with one of my bests and ready to see more of my dear ones tomorrow! In the meanwhile... start dancing with Madonna!

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