4 May 2014

In your life - The Ting Tings

In your life - The Ting Tings
Shame on me, it's not even two days since I got back home and I already forget to post on time...! In my defense, first I still haven't gone to sleep, so it counts as yesterday and second I've been a bit dazed and confused by the whole moving back thing (lame, ain't it? ok, let's get to the post)!
I've been almost running out of the whole string of songs I had ready to post (almost, but not yet!) and I'm drawing from there for this post. I don't know exactly why I've recently been getting back to some sad songs from albums that I used to listen a while ago... it's probably because I was about to leave new great friends and so they made good sense. This one actually is more love-life oriented, but it is still a great one that I didn't value enough until a few weeks ago. Try not to get too sad too and more news to come soon!

You love everybody else
Everybody else
Wish I was everybody else

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