12 May 2014

Nothing left to say + Rocks - Imagine Dragons

Nothing left to say - Imagine Dragons
There are so many good songs on Imagine Dragons' debut album Night Visions that I still didn't post, and given that I've been listening to it quite a lot today, it looks like this is a good time to write about one of them at least! This is the closing act of the standard version of Night visions (b-sides and bonus material apart) and it's one that really grew into me with time! I think it's also a great choice for closure, both in terms of message/lyrics and of music. Just don't think this is a way I'm saying goodbye to you, I'll be back tomorrow as usual, I promise!

PS: After a 1 minute break you'll find also the ghost track Rocks, a very good way to make you understand that it doesn't end here!

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