1 May 2014

Left that body long ago - Amy MacDonald

Left that body long ago -
Amy MacDonald
So, here we are. When this is gonna be posted it means I'll have found a goodness-blessed internet connection while walking through Bristol or at the airport, ready to take my flight back. I am writing in advance because of course I will not have time in the crazy day that.. today is. (Wow, that sounds weird, I'm messing out with the temporal factor again!).
EDIT: [Actually not, I'm posting live now! I didn't take into account that I would go to sleep so late!]
Anyway, my British experience has ended (for now at least), and I must say it has been much better than I thought it would've been! Ok, I'm still kind of stuck with the sides of my life I was stuck in already before leaving, but this doesn't mean I enjoyed this beginning of 2014, rather... I really did! Especially thanks to the wonderful people that have shared these moments with me! Now it really does feel like the circle is closing and my student time is really going to come to an end very soon too...! I don't know if I'm ready for that, but I think it has already started happening, so I need to come to terms with it!
Anyway, it's weird how I just noticed this song now: first I have to say I really like it and its kind of sad tone and turning-the-page lyrics are matching quite well my current feelings. Moreover, I was listening to this album when I came back from Canada two years ago, so here we are! Circle is closed, let's turn the page and start a new chapter!
Thanks to all of you who made the last one a great and super enjoyable one!

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