11 May 2014

#sundayrevival So-called chaos - Alanis Morissette

So-called chaos - Alanis Morissette
It's a typical home sunday: at home, Formula 1 GP (such a boooring one, again), football matches, a brief but strong rain followed but a perfect blue sky with a chilly strong breeze... Summer is coming but not fast enough! And then I will complain about the excessive heat, but now this chilly nights are really freaking me out and not helping me recover from my flu at all! All the context is anyway perfect for a sundayrevival post and, given that I've still been focusing on music that I can't post (yet), I decided to go back back back in time to one of the first loves of my "young-adult" musical adventure (i.e. Alanis) and to the album of her I really used to love and now has a little bit faded in me (just a little bit), i.e. So-called chaos. And I'm gonna throw myself on the song that gives the title to the album, one of my favourites on the CD and in the whole music career of Alanis, I dare say. I love everything about this song: the music, the lyrics (I wanna be naked running through the streets, I want to invite this so called chaos, that you’d think I dare not be
I want to be weightless, flying through the air
, I want to drop all these limitations and return to what I was born to be), the message, the need for total freedom outside the schemes of society, the power in it (a thing that might be lacking to some other tunes on the album) and... I could go on forever! Just listen to it and improve your sunday! See you next week!

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