30 May 2014

Silent my song - Lykke Li

Silent my song - Lykke Li
So, here we are! I'm late again, my bad. But I'm making it up! This is a post I already had in mind yesterday: I wanted to post something by Lykke Li, as I've been listening/watching her new performance on KEXP (go check it out here) and I loved it. Given that I haven't listened to (the whole of) her new album yet, it made sense to post a song from her previous work. I had a couple of others in mind, but then, after listening to all of them, this is the one that stuck in my head and it is the one I'm posting for you now.

Funny fact: I was just about to start writing this post when I heard the song playing in my aunt's room. I thought it was like the soundtrack of the movie she is watching and it would've been the weirdest of coincidences!! She was just listening to it via a video I posted on Facebook instead. Life is weird!

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